Kinnegar is situated on the shores of Belfast Lough. Holywood is the nearest town and has good shopping facilities. There is a TESCO 24 hour mega store and a large Sainsbury’s and B&Q slightly out of the town centre. Holywood itself still maintains an old fashioned charm; there is a maypole and a number of Bistros and small quirky shops along with very smart restaurants and bars and all the usual high street stores.

Belfast is only a few miles away and has everything that you might expect in a capital city. Bangor is a Victorian seaside town and is approximately 8 miles away.

Unit Facilities
Kinnegar is rather small with few facilities. The HIVE is open Monday – Thursday 0800 -1330 Friday 09.00 12.00. The internet suite is open during these timings and also during the evening and weekends. There is a small NAAFI with a shop and bar and a gymnasium. Palace Bks boasts a full range of facilities e.g., HIVE gymnasium, library, hairdresser, stables and swimming pool. There is a NAAFI which is a well stocked convenience store and there is a family’s bar which is used for various activities.

Unaccompanied personnel live within Kinnegar itself and the married quarters are on Palace Bks which is a very short journey away and has a full range of facilities.

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